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Our wines

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

Louis Pasteur, the father of vinification, declared wine to be ”the healthiest and noblest of all drinks”, and I.C. Teodorescu and his collaborators (1966) presented wine as ”a fine drink, to which man has remained faithful and which, when used moderately, can be a good companion who helps, stimulates and inspires, indulges, enlivens and elates, and equally harmful and degrading when moderation lacks, as even the healthy water can be harmful when too much of it is ingested”. Wine, used moderately during meals, is a food complement, a medicine and an energy booster.

Wine is used in gastronomy; the wide range of wines can be associated with countless foods, from appetizers to deserts, not as a food per se, but as a meal companion. Associating wines with various foods is a genuine science, which has created specialists, called sommeliers. The chemical composition of wine, which is extremely complex, has positive effects on the human body. Ethyl alcohol, in moderate quantities, has an energizing effect upon the body. Wine polyphenols have an antiviral and antibacterial action, protect against atherosclerosis and favor the biochemical reactions that protect the cardiovascular system. Recent studies have demonstrated that procyanidins, besides their antioxidant effect and enhancing the action of vitamin C, accelerate the elimination of cholesterol, while the resveratrol has the capacity of preventing cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body and thus from forming metastases.

Vinex Odobești bottles selected D.O.C.-C.M.D. and premium wines under the”Blazon Domnesc” brand, the geographically identified wines under the ”Dinastie” brand and the wine of the house in 3-litre, 5-litre and 10-litre BIBs.

Blazon Domnesc wines

Blazon Domnesc

Wines with controlled-origin names, made from grapes that have been harvested in full ripeness

Blazon Domnesc - Galbenă de Odobeşti
Blazon Domnesc – Galbenă de Odobeşti

Galbenă de Odobeşti makes a wine that all Romanians have tasted. Its taste and bouquet are so unique that it can be identified out of a thousand other wines.

Blazon Domnesc - Merlot
Blazon Domnesc – Merlot

The ruby Merlot suggests the scent of fresh raspberry.

Blazon Domnesc - Merlot Roze
Blazon Domnesc – Merlot Roze

A wine that starts from dry rose petals and then evolves towards…

Blazon Domnesc - Riesling de Rhin
Blazon Domnesc – Riesling de Rhin

Suitable for appetizers but also combines well with sarmale (forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves).

Blazon Domnesc - Sauvignon Blanc
Blazon Domnesc – Sauvignon Blanc

Originary from the famous Bordeaux region of France, Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most popular varieties.

Blazon Domnesc - Traminer
Blazon Domnesc – Traminer

A generous and seducing wine. Its strong personality creates the sensation of a flawless rose bouquet.

Dinastie wines


Geographically identified wines

DINASTIE - Fetească Regală
DINASTIE – Fetească Regală

A captivating, savory wine, that is appreciated for being soft and agreeable, fresh and fruity.

DINASTIE - Galbenă de Odobeşti şi Sauvignon Blanc
DINASTIE – Galbenă de Odobeşti and Sauvignon Blanc

An appreciated blend that mixes together the scent of the Sauvignon Blanc variety and the freshness and fruitiness of the Galbenă de Odobești variety.

DINASTIE - Şarbă şi Fetească Regală
DINASTIE – Şarbă and Fetească Regală

This wine is an exceptional blend that brings together the velvety flavor of the Șarba and the zestiness of Fetească Regală.

DINASTIE - Merlot Roze
DINASTIE – Merlot Roze

A fine and elegant wine, refreshing and velvety, specific of the Merlot variety.


This red wine is special, full, fruity, velvety; it is the most appreciated red wine in Romania.